My own Epiphyllum crosses.

All my Epiphyllum's spend their life in a greenhouse in Sweden. I'm new to this with hybrids, but hopefully i'll end up with some nice flowers some day. I have a big stock of orchid cactus to make my seeds from, over 100 plants.

Here's some babies.

I have alot hybrids going on. But it takes a long time from seed to a real flower. At least 4 years!



In March 2014 I got my first flower! I dont think it's good enough to get a name, just a number #400600. It's a cross of "Hawaii" and "Bolero".

Heres next on #400601 look like the "mother"

This one could be a ceeper, very nice color(hard to describe). #400602

I call this one "Lidas Emilia", from spring 2015

"Lidas Malin" very nice! Spring 2015.


I will put up pictures here when i got some new flowers. Welcome back.


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